The limit College upholds the independence of learning, to promote the practical utilization of knowledge, and to create good citizenship by producing human beings, with an outlook of universal brotherhood of mankind, as per the vision shown to us by our Creator. For this the College shall strive to emphasize freedom of research and investigation and to encourage original and creative studies to, contribute to the advancement of knowledge and to contribute to the progress of civilization. To create good professionalism amongst the students, the College shall, stress on the building up of character for self respect, and to promote the welfare of state and society, and to extend the influence and activity to the world.

The College strives to provide highest quality education in management science and related disciplines. Excellence in teaching and learning is rooted in research. We seek to graduate individuals instilled with professional competencies, ethics and social responsibility, preparing them effectively for management and leadership roles. The College recognizes service to community as a key element of its mission.



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Our courses are applied,innovative and grounded in the real world.

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